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Dungeons & Dragons

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dungeon and dragon
Become a hero and begin your explorations of the fantastic land of South Ithreach in a collection of four unique adventures, written in-house especially for Roll Models.

Each Adventure contains 10 – 15 hours of gameplay, designed to be played in a total of 5 sessions.

Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons: The Giant’s Table
Trouble is brewing in the small hamlet of Pellaford: a messenger sent to fetch an important item has gone missing and strange mishaps have begun to plague the town. As heroes, you have been hired to find the courier and uncover the mystery surrounding the nearby wooded plateau called the Giant’s Table.
The Giant’s Table is an introductory class for beginners playing Level 1 characters.

Prologue Season: How to Win Friends and Influence People
While the three adventures in the Prologue Season can be played as one-offs, they were written to build on one another and share some common themes of trust, keeping and betraying secrets, heroism, personal growth, and responsibility. Players who experience the entire Season will see their character progress from Level 1 to Level 3, meeting allies and enemies who will reappear in adventures yet to come.

Caravan of Secrets
A plume of smoke on the horizon means trouble for our heroes. After a sudden and ferocious attack, a large group of homesteaders calls upon you for help, as several of their traveling companions have been taken captive by goblins under the command of a pair of orcish siblings. With no ransom demands made, questions persist: why were these people taken, and what does it have to do with the plans of an evil warlord named Karmaugh?
Caravan of Secrets is an adventure for Level 1 characters. If you have played The Giant’s Table, you are welcome to play using your Level 2 character.

The Shard of Lumira
It’s festival day in the town of Galen’s Well! An annual celebration to mark the final prophecy of Lumira, the fabled Oracle of Seerport, it’s a day for all manner of merriment, including feasting, gambling, and games of strength, skill, and chance. But not everyone has come to the festival to celebrate: cloaked figures glide through the crowds with a sinister purpose. An unexpected ambush leads our heroes to embark on a perilous journey all the way to Seerport itself!
The Shard of Lumira is an adventure for characters at Level 1. If you have played in previous games with us, you are welcome to play that character at their current level.

So Much To Do…
A growing reputation comes with a price. In the city of Seerport, word has spread of your heroic deeds, and all manner of people have come to you asking for help. Some requests are simple, while others are complex, some are amusing and others deadly serious, but all of these tasks have one thing in common: they must all be completed in 24 hours! How many will you be able to handle?
So Much To Do… is an adventure for characters at Level 1. If you have played in previous games with us, you are welcome to play that character at their current level.

If you have already taken Learn to play you should be registering for the Prologue class.  You can register for the Learn to Play in July and then register for the Prologue in August.

Please note the August dates are now 8/22 - 8/26 due to a scheduling conflict with the instructor

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